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MGR/Uday Yadav 12/27/2003

Korg Ax100g : MGR/Uday Yadav's user review

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I bought this beauty(my first) with a Slammer Centuria(by Hamer) electric guitar. it cost me about Rs. 4750 thats about $110.
i needed a good processor to go with my electric. i've heard a lot of good stuff about Korg so i took this to last me long.

For the price it's superb. leaving the price, its excellent. my friend got over his Korg AX1500G, but i prefer my AX100G anyday. its got beautiful sound and many effects. it took me about a month to learn all about its functions. it's got a good and trendy body. its kind of flat, that makes it good for stage shows. its even got a lead placer under its expression(main control) pedal. it's helpful as it keeps away the guitar leads(unless u've got a cordless lead). the input-output jacks haven't given me any problem and i don't think there is any problem to come either. it's got superb rhythm beats that helps you practice for a jamming session. i've created many useful programes(effects) that suits my needs. it's absolutely flawless. it's 8 sec phrase recording facility is also very helpful. you can slow down the speed of the recorded sound and even hold it to meet the pitch. it even has good guitar tuning facility that really helps. the virtual feedback is a one-of-a-kind gift.

there's nothing wrong with this beauty except that while the rhythm beat plays, it gets cut a little when you change the effect. this makes you go off-beat. apart from this there is nothing!

its black in color with a hard plastic sort of body. the knods are made of rubber. the display is very clear with LCD light. even the effect that is being used lights up in its LCD pointer. the expression pedal readings are in a LCD line that also lights up while tuning up the guitar to get the pitch right. it got this thing that holds adaptor wire so that it dosen't come off. you can even use batteries (though i haven't tried!) the effects are displayed in a table with a blue background. the expression pedal has a small path of the same french blue with 'ToneWorks KORG' written on it. its a true beauty! it has 40 preset tones and 40 user tones.

it's great for all guitar players, especially the beginners. even the professionals should keep one to practice and jam on. You should keep it clean and don't add too much force on the pedals. just be careful when you make a new tone, not to delete the previous tone, that is useful. i love the KIDROCK, PREIST, THRASH, HOSTILE, F BACK and FILTER effects. its a must for all guitarists!

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