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alexskolnick 10/29/2004

Korg Ax100g : alexskolnick's user review

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Well, i bought this pedal second-hand from a friend who upgraded to a Boss-GT6.
I ended up paying Rs 6000 (about 120$) for it, including box, manual, stickers, etc. It was only a month old when i purchased it.
Well, now i have owned it for about 2 years and thought i would give a very objective review of my experience of it. I have now sold it to my friend, and have upgraded to a zoom GFX 8.

For the price tag, i guess it targets people who are buying their first multi-fx processor.
The effects on the Ax 100g, are excellent. The chorus control is a touch difficult at first, but once you really learn to use it, it works great! the flanger is good. There is only one delay, but it is EXCELLENT. You cant ask for better control from a delay. But there is only one type of delay tho.
Hall reverbs are good, hall reverd and the garage reverbs, room reverbs are all very natural sounding. But you can only control the mix level for these.

Among the distortions available, i found only 4 of them i really could use. The classic compressor, the metal dist & Us-High G for the rhythm tones, the brit-stack for the leads.
The compressor is good, but its wierd that you can only use the compressor for clean tones, you cannot have compressor along with distortion.
Overall, even the few good distortions are not really upto the manrk. The sound is very dying, the sustain is poor. Altering the NR level makes it better, but still, nah...not really good.
The Cabinet Simulators SUCK. They dont sound ANYTHING like the real thing. Advice: Please keep it off at all times. Especially in live gigs, it screws up the overall sound. Switch it off at all times!!

Playing Live: The sound live is good, if the cab sim is off!! For my bands playing style (metal), i have had no problems.
But in the daytime gigs, forget about seeing anything in the display. THe display isnt deep enough so none of the patch names or the patch numebrs are visible when there is abundant sunlight around.
The effects like slow attack should have been a lot better.

Well its body is made of plastic.So what can i say? Dont step on it too hard. Buttons look flimsy, but they have never given me any problem in my entire 2 years experience with it.

Heres a great idea to get a brilliant sound. You can easily get a pro level sound by, using a BOss DS-2 distortion, along with your Korg. Use the boss distortion, and the korg effects, and wow!!! Your guitar will SING!! A metal ZOne, or a DOD death metal distortion work well too.
So keep reverbs, delays and the choruses, and the compressor effect in the korg, only the distortion external.

Please please plese dont use a zoom or any other digital distortion, use only the anolog ones, like the boss, if you want good sounds.

I have played with the zoom 606 as well. If i was to compare them, i will say that the zoom has slightly better distortions, buit the korg kick its ass in effects. So personally i feel, buy the Korg, if you have to choose between these two.

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