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Korg Ax1500g

Thread Ax1500g korg tone works

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1 Ax1500g korg tone works
Has anyone used this product.
my son 13 today, on his way to progressing with guitar and this was recommended by a friend. He would like a new Amp but in my day Vox AC30 amps are expensive to buy today.

tony and son rory
Only saw this topic just now... well, if this is any use (either for you or maybe someone else in the future) I remember that this unit terribly lacks dynamics in sound. Actually I only managed to find suitable sounds when I bought a SansAmp GT2 preamp pedal to use in front of it, bypassing the "Drive-Amp" section of the AX1500G (or putting it in "compressor" mode with drive at 0, thus using it just as a 3-ban EQ which the SansAmp doesn't have). The Korg's cabs and reverbs sound very good though, as do some of the modulation effects (especially flanger and stereo chorus). Now, of course no multi-effect will replace a REAL pedalboard chosen with care with high-end stompboxes, but for a beginner this still may be a good choice if you can get it at a good price -- although I think the drive/amp section lacks something (a separate preamp box might be useful). Now of course things evolve, this unit was designed years ago and I think a more recent Vox (Korg made some algorythms for the fx on the Vox tube-based multi effects/amp simulators) or maybe Digitech (or Line6 but they may be too expensive for your budget) would be better, but I never used any of these...

Now of course it all depends what kind of style you're expecting to play with it...