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T-Rex unveils the Magnus multi-effect for guitar

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T-Rex Engineering Magnus

T-Rex Engineering introduces Magnus, a new pedalboard that features five stomp effects for guitar.

Magnus combines five custom effects, each featuring a stomp and four control knobs. You can, for instance, change the distortion Tone and Blend to cut through a mix with your guitar, change the overdrive style from British to US with the Presence knob, change the delay tone, with a high-cut filter-like Tone control, or choose between four reverb types (Spring, Room, Hall and LFO).

The fifth effect is a boost that delivers up to 20dB. All the effects can be used separately or together.

Magnus also features a level control at the rear of the pedalboard, a double function footswitch for tap tempo and tuner engaging, and you can store up to 10 effect presets.

The connection panel is quite simple, with one mono input and stereo outputs (no effect loop…).

No information regarding the availability nor the price of this new pedalboard which details are expected soon at t-rex-effects.com. T-Rex posted various demos on its YouTube channel, here are four of them:








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