Zoom 505 Guitar
Zoom 505 Guitar
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MGR/Mike Maloney 11/14/2003

Zoom 505 Guitar : MGR/Mike Maloney's user review

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I bought this pedal at a place in London, Ontario called John Bellone's Music. I bought it a couple of years back when it was a fairly new release and paid $199 for it. I bought it because I had screwed around with it abit in the store when it first came out and I liked it.

EFFECTS EFFECTS EFFECTS!!!! It has an endless supply of effects, and if ya get bored with the ones pre-programmed, you can make yer own. Crystal clear sound too!!!

I dont like that you have to plug it in, that's probably me just being lazy though. It has a battery option, but the battery life is like 4 minutes, which is understandable. ITs a mini computer.

One word will sum this up nice and easy...ya ready...hear goes...SOLID

The Zoom 505 Guitar Processor is an amazing pedal, if you got some cash and your not afraid to experiment, grab one. I gaurantee you that you wont be dissapointed.

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