Zoom 505 Guitar
Zoom 505 Guitar
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MGR/Derek Mok 11/17/2003

Zoom 505 Guitar : MGR/Derek Mok's user review

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Bought at a small music store on 48th Street in New York City for around $80. This was my first pedal.

Sounds, sounds, sounds. Although using the Zoom presets does give a slight generic quality to your tones, the sounds are so good that I end up using them more often than my single-effect pedals.

This problem was alleviated on the Zoom 505 MkII, but the MkI had tweak buttons that are not only impossible to use, but the ones on my 505 got stuck in the "down" position and created lots of problems for me. Also, the built-in tuner is inaccurate.

Fair. The pedals remain responsive after over three years, but those tweak buttons are a nightmare.

I love the sounds I get from this pedal, but the construction problems prevented me from exploring the editing options fully. Thankfully the MkI is now obsolete and the MkII is better at this department, so I may upgrade.

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