moosers 02/09/2009

Wurlitzer 200A : moosers's user review


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I've first used a Wurlizter 200A about five years ago and was immediately blown away by the sound of it. It has the classic Wurli electric piano sound that was used by guys like Ray Charles. The instrument is really straight forward with a volume knob and settings to control the rate of the tremolo effect. It has a sustain pedal and built in speaker so you can just turn it on and play without having to hook it up to an amp, however, it also has outputs that you can send to an external amp if you want to. Being a sucker for the electric piano, this has all the qualities I look for in one. For starters, the action of the piano is real fluid and easy to play. This makes me feel like I am good and helps me to play better. The tone quality of this piano is the best part about it. It is rich in tone and the tremolo is awesome. This piano has become a classic as it has its own unique electric piano tone that has become highly sought after. While each has its own unique tone, I would compare this to a Fender Rhodes as it is an electric piano made by a different company in the same price range. While it is all about personal preference, I usually prefer to play the 200A over any other electric keyboard, as the feel and great sound make for a great overall piano. While you can get pretty close with software like Native Instruments Elektrik Piano, in my opinion no software can reproduce the sound of an instrument like this. If you can find one used, these go for about $1000 USD, which is a reasonable price considering the overall tone quality of this, and I would recommend it to all interested in electric pianos.