ventilo 10/27/2005

Harley Benton R7-450FR : ventilo's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Harley Benton is, according to what is said often, a name in Germany on al scratch "no name" original Coren, hyper-industrial production. If so, a first BMOL, nothing says that my guitar and VTRE come from the same factory, or their equivalents are CHARACTERISTICS: tight deadlines to change wood or supply to any component or why not to change the shop down in Korea, without changing the product REFERENCE ...

This much, we are in a prsence blatant copy of Ibanez RG 7 string, then, is the intrt everything. It comes in a box anonymously block a few pieces of polystyrene ad hoc, with his bag of parts: the stem of the bridge, and cls allen. The bridge just is licensed Floyd Rose, it says it. Systm is the pure Floyd, one turns o the ring of stopping the rope to fix the bridge extrmit in a clamp.

Ct nut, locking the strings, copy the Ibanez is empty too. The mcaniques are ... mcaniques of all bx, without any mention ... they look to complete their job.

The handle is wide and fairly flat, 24 frets, light wood, painted (with a Czech mchante jauntre Douzima at the box on my copy ...). You can clearly see the two pices of wood, one for the handle itself and one for the head, the junction between the two spices is parallle the head, one feels the optimization in the DBiT wood. In addition to the solidity wins. The key is dark wood, clear complexion since the frets are a few traces of this color. The radius is slight. The strings are montes style 09-42 over a rope so serious, the second problem on my guitar, it's clearly a low E string deuxime that t rises, I d m'approvisionner Diameter extreme to continue in the grip of bte ...

The body of the BTE is the typical form RG, with pointed horns. The heel is the former, although square and Bolt using a rectangular plate, super-classic. The adjustments are correct. Two humbuckers, "no name" Obviously. Two pots for volume and tonality no push-pull. The slecteur, three positions, is no surprise. Black varnish, fairly well done, even if in a Lumire grazing is not perfect, we see some waves. Prs also of little nooks for small, style shows bare wood in the recess of slecteur.


And hop on a strap rjouissances attacks. The guitar is quite heavy and quite plutt balance, we feel that the PSE handle the weight but it does not plunge the ds that lche. Coming out of the box, the guitar is not too much RULES ... without returning to the mchante string bass, the action is too high, which is caused by a poorly positioned easel spring tension again. Gaming experience without connecting, it sounds pretty acoustic ... sensations ct round or suggest Ibanez bridge, I had a RG570 and I find myself in familiar territory. The width of the handle is not pnalisante. We seek to blame: a frieze does not (it's true that my action is too high ...) until the box 22 coins, except if the serious abuts the neck pickup! There's a bug in the height of the micro rglage again. We take things in hand: rglage simultaneously with tuning screws spring tension on the back, positioning the bridge Fawn parallle well to the body.

The action is correct now. SETTING THE height of the microphone, okay.


Zou, one branch (pramp H & K Access, ampulator, voodu valve). This is the cata! In between I note that the microphones choppent all radiation passing, a snoring, impressive. Verify with my usual scrapes: no so good, it's the mug of HB7 that noise ... deuce! distorted sounds at first: it is poo! porridge, nothing DGIG of this stuff, not no DEFINITIONS personals, short mdiocre mdiocre home. I prcise I'm not soft because the comparison is made with microphones Dimarzio Steve Special .... I try all three positions slecteur but nothing, it sucks! Then tries on a MP-1 in the effects return of a Fender combo, like, it's shuffled the slurry.

Sounds clear now: Yeah, it's better, especially the position intermdiaire which is playable on the ropes Aiges. Nothing transcendent but usable. Not great on the Mi and if severe, cons. Submitted hum remains.

Is therefore the replacement of "micro" by ... microphones, real!

Illico replacement of bridge pickup with a Dimarzio Blaze, and re-test: net amlioration, hum disparate prcis and the sound is sharp, so severe rope goes well, we won in d finish (not volume). The guitar is - quite usable now.

Final score of 8 micro APRS change.


A seven-string that price is not equivalent .... even if the change of pickups is impractical. The overall quality is good, it's not a toy but a guitar that can be of great service. The quality-price ratio is excellent. This choice is justified for any budget or as a cheap base to rub amateur violin making and get a custom scratch (this is the fate reserved my copy! EDIT: c ' is made, see 2Cbzh-one to seven-string 2C121860.html%!)