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Heather_fr 10/25/2005

Line 6 Variax 300 : Heather_fr's user review


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Well, I just copied the stuff of the beginning commenting

Agathis body may be a bit heavy, but the I'm really too pointed.

Channel 22 boxes. Two more frets would be welcome for some solos, more is sometimes hard to pass but overall it rle too.

Rosewood fingerboard.

3 buttons and a switch 5 poisitons
CONTRL Volume and Tone classic
And choice of guitars (with memory, but I venture too much on this land unknown)

Red or black finish.

I put 7 as it is of good quality but can still be a amlior

The handle is nice, thin enough and efficient.
access to the acute trs is good (but I always regret my 24th fret)
the shape is nice, a bit of a shock to have microphones, but ultimately it's not so bad: o we play we want without ever encountering obstacles.
The guitar in it even is equilibrated with a big ass who Ramna slightly diagonal position idalie. (No innuendo)
the sound is good, but I was dveloppe in the next section (Keep that stuff for later)

: O
it's all there is to say
this guitar is completely ...........
there's no words to say (as piphone: I can not tell it, the goal I Can Play it for you)
Imagine having the hands open the possibility to spend a bit of a les paul strato, add a martin and a Guild 12-string, and you away from your Ralite.
The sounds are excellent in my opinion.

I tried it in store, and I think that has to be my electric guitar Premire
Bah Voui it has the versatility, and sell more than most guitars can be found on the market.
I tried mostly MODELS like roxanne before playing on the one and I think that there is no picture in sounds that can be obtained on the Variax (may be a hair worse than the roxanne, but you really have to go under the microscope to notice)
The report price is really exellent quality, too, saw the guitar