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rMy 07/05/2005

Line 6 Variax 300 : rMy's user review


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This guitar is made in Indonesia but the violin is very good. The handle is screwed 22 frets and the bridge is equipped with LR Baggs piezo sensors 6 for the modeling. The strings through the body. There are 28 different guitars ranging from jazz guitar to Les Paul through acoustic guitars (6 and 12 strings).

The handle is quite nice to play and access to the latest boxes is facilitated by the chamfer and the heel that tapers. The guitar is rather light and the different bevels (for the forearm and back of the guitar) makes it comfortable.

In theory, this guitar is supposed to fit almost any style. In practice, one can be about anything except playing genres such as metal. The simulations are quite realistic and we recognize the Telecaster, the Stratocaster (particularly positions 2 and 4), the Les Paul. One can easily get the sounds to Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin etc ... Other simulations are perfectly usable and very musical but I can not really say if they approach the original (the Firebird, the Rickenbacker ...) because it is less used guitars. Jazz guitars are nice, but it's not really my kind of music. The sound is realistic but I think the Variax Acoustic would do better job! Finally the bank "Reso" with the resonator guitar, banjo, sitar (superb) is also very musical. Some sounds are useless (as the position of the tele without tone) but the set is stunning. Do not expect to have exactly the same as the original guitar but the sounds are very realistic and musical. This guitar is really great for the home studio (because it does not generate background noise).

This guitar is really versatile and the models are realistic. The value for money is really excellent because the sounds are very clean, diverse and violin making is far from the sidelines. I do not know if the Variax Workbench is really useful as this guitar can play almost anything. With experience, I would do without this choice eSite