Line 6 Variax 600
Line 6 Variax 600
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romuvert 09/24/2006

Line 6 Variax 600 : romuvert's user review


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Made in Core, the handle is strat-like, the bridge / vibrato is a contribution LRBaggs. Line6 prtend they rglent their easels to come back against the body butter the rear: this n'tait not my case. So I did and since there is no problem keeping any agreement, even using the vibrato (but I'm not a raging rod!). I think that's the trick to the agreement is 100% reliable. on the other hand, you can not blow up the tremolo to the note.
The fineness of rglage is excellent in height, width, depth (can not be far l. ..) you can really make his personal rglage.
The box full of electronics at once seems quite hollow, and sounds really good and trs trs high vacuum for a solidbody and the sustain is not that of a dense wood with key scratches bne, but there is the snap of the button Rabl.

The handle is hell! is a real highway, comparable in quality to many beautiful guitars trs Chres more ... It is really good on this instrument. And not to find a pleasant sound, it must be allergic guitar!

For the sound quality, I think really differs in the view of the Champs Badger. I use the Pod XT Live (with digital cable so that even when 40 rating, no connection with the clumsy power supply included). I tried on my monitorings and my Tannoy 600 RCF 310A (DCID brand is in vogue!). Sounds Tele, Strats, Les Paul, ES 335 and Gretch trs are bluffing in clean, crunch on, in saturated ... Which is quite thunderous, is that even the sustain is different depending on the MODELS (short for Start and Tele, longer for paul). So I do not agree with the criticism regarding Previous sustain: it is quite honorable, but I think it is the will of ingnieurs have shortened the sustain of certain sounds (when playing low volume and hear the natural sound and amplified the contrast is strange to beginners). However, a more intensive use APRS, I find even when they sustain SETTING THE stratum and relatively short tele in the light (another ct I do not know what is expected to behave a stratum of 59 because I have my own boys ... the house). I wondered also if there is a difference with the Sustain 700: Line 6 rpondu me that these two were strictly the same MODELS sustain and even electronic (so why So pay double with a 700? for design ?)...

In terms of acoustic sounds is well trs mdiator solo, was a bit like playing the famous Sylvain Luc Godin uses. In support agreements and a fingerpicking not worth a real acoustic dj cause of touch. The 12 strings are pouvantables. Rsonateur sounds are not too bad (except the banjo), but I am specialist in Figure, the important thing with these sounds is that it must address the pr amplification (using the preamp "acoustic Variax" the Pod, except that the output gain is much lower than other amps simmuls, so you have to add the dB output of the compressor).

Finally, all fawn even if some crappy sounds, how important: there are enough to s'clater adj!

I recently and indeed may be that my opinion will evolve over time.
I also read reviews on the personality of the machine. A priori, sr Variax all have the same sound, only the Modl ings have guitars that have so much personality (Tele and Start for example, each string has its "grain" clean, especially for the E and B) I think that sounds a lot more spcial that most guitars on the market (U.S. strats included). Obviously, I find the couple Variax / POD: I do not know how a ring with the Boss Badger (are there any amp simulations intgres in, because it is lment pricipale sound, right?)
In short, 500 to our neighbors, I think it is difficult to do without.
It's just a shame they did not do a vibrato playable by the followers of Satriani.
But me, my thing is plutt Knopfler ... then 10/10