Line 6 Variax 700 Tremolo
Line 6 Variax 700 Tremolo
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Roms67 10/04/2005

Line 6 Variax 700 Tremolo : Roms67's user review


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Check out the website of Line 6 ...

Basically: a 25 guitars!

The neck is super nice, I put no time to adapt ... yet I
égalment plays a Les Paul Deluxe known for its round of tractor!

All fields are easily accessible.

In use, the 5-way switch is too close to the area of ​​scratches ... we come to touch in rhythm for example. So, I do not use anymore and I change my sound through a POD XT Live ...

Otherwise it is difficult to find the cable connection to the POD XT Live flexible (type RJ45 ethernet cat 5). I use a standard network cable but it's not top ... Line 6 seems to be a market ... to see

Otherwise small problems into the tuning once you use the vibrato ... can be a luthier could be remedied but that does not stop me from playing.

I use it only live on one console via the POD. on the other hand Live a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe as it works well (but then, without POD because I can fix for a sound that does not spit too much treble).

Who already have a Gibson Les Paul, I use it mainly when there is need
to move from his acoustic electric sound in a song. This is perfect, fast, stunning.

Otherwise, the Fender sounds sound pretty good .. what a pleasure to be able to quickly try a particular type of scraper on a particular type of component or recovery ... more headlock ... in addition it is advancing rapidly growing guitar!

With the POD XT Live, you can change at will the pre-config settings for Workbench is a free download on ... not need to spend € 99 ... but having already spent more than € 1,500 in the whole guitar + POD ... they may well do that.

I use it for 6 months, 2 concerts, 15 repeats ... no serious problems. It is clear that to capitalize fully, it must be allergic to computers, to accept using a computer to adjust your guitar it's weird ... but not more than spending 30 minnutes to complete this questionnaire!

POD XT Live, is strongly recommended with ... to control completely the guitar with one touch.

I look forward guitar pack, like the amp model pack of PODs.

Only downside: a friend bought the same in occas ... he had a strange hissing problem from 30 minutes of use ... back to the seller, he does not want to hear about it ... with this type of technology, it is clear that it is better not to crash because it can not act alone ...