Line 6 Variax 700 Tremolo
Line 6 Variax 700 Tremolo
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Nubilalis 11/19/2003

Line 6 Variax 700 Tremolo : Nubilalis's user review


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Guitar made in Japan, which means everything and nothing to say ... It is quite possible that the spices have t made in Korea and assembled in Japan. The assembly work is similar to that of ESP guitars is a great job. It has a handle Saddle varnished rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets. The mcaniques are branded "Gotho" what a superior quality Confre the Variax 500. It also has a vibrato, which also may be missing the Previous MODEL. It was like on the Variax 500 for a slecteur DIFFERENT types of guitars (these are the same sounds), a pottard for volume and one for Tone. Between a TRS and a USB port, allowing notament to play on the famous numrique the Vetta II. A-pedals switchavec output 1 / 4 to help guide the sound of the Variax to a classic amp and XLR output to send it to a mixer or another.

The handle is heavy though rather what is the best guitars in the factories in SERIES. Its shape is lgrement rounded body shape, dig around the bridge and the translucent color and varnish it really gives a lot of character. Sustain loses all of even a few (not a lot compared to other models) when making the bends, which is quite logical for guitars SERIES. There's no photo, it is a class above the Variax 500.

CF. Retailer advice on post Varix 500. Overall the sounds are excellent and Fidler reproduced with a small "-" for 12 strings.

I use this scratching for a week, but I ammen in a luthier and I kept a Variax 500 for 3 weeks before. This guitar is really great and Line 6 seems to have t-critical of them even to add what was missing Variax 700 Variax 500.
The report quality price (1200 euros for this MODEL, but I am one of the first in France to have the words of my vendors ...) is ... incredibly bnfique.
Except that the system of electronic modlisation the fair in a year and a day ...