Image Line Fruity Loops 9
Image Line Fruity Loops 9

Fruity Loops 9, Electronic Music Sequencer from Image Line in the Fruity Loops series.

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BeyondR 07/28/2012

Image Line Fruity Loops 9 : BeyondR's user review


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Fruity Loops designed by Image Line is one of the most popular music software on the market now.
It has plenty of nice plugins that can help to boost your music on a whole new level.
It's easy to use and reading the manual should explain basically everything you want.


The software works great and one of the greatest things about FL is not using many cpu resources(I had run FL on a 256 mb ram pc ) and I could create some beats.

It's very stable regarding of what many musicians say and hate it, you could really create some nice beats in there, the design is mainly manufactured for hip-hop purpose, it's much easier to set a drum pattern on FL than in Logic Pro let's say, or Ableton.
I've been using FL a long time ago,it's a good software to start in music understanding and how it supposed to sound and how to create the sounds.


What I like the most about FL as I said are the low resources needed to run this software, also it has one of the most complex piano editing right now, no software could compete with that at the moment, even logic or ableton.
The price is pretty low, and you get a bunch of plugins with the program, however I would recommend to get some other samples, vengeance are pretty high quality.

Another great thing about it is that it can run as a vst to other Daw which can be quite handy.
The Arranging is easy to create, you can really make something original in just a few minutes.
Well,having said that,I really recommend that you get into FL if you're a beginner or just someone that loves to create some music without wasting too much time, but as you progress you should consider some other daw's that are more complex, have some others features and provide something completely new on the market.