Image Line Fruity Loops 9
Image Line Fruity Loops 9

Fruity Loops 9, Electronic Music Sequencer from Image Line in the Fruity Loops series.

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DJ Henny 01/29/2011

Image Line Fruity Loops 9 : DJ Henny's user review

« Great DAW for anybody. »

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When I first bought FL studio I was sceptical to all the hype surrounding it. I simply thought it was just some noob tool that anybody could pump out generic sounding midi music. Oh how I was wrong. FL Studio is constantly used around the world by professionals, rightly too. I had no compatability issues with it at all, it installed sweetly on both of my computers. The main setup is very simple, this program is really the simplest way to get straight into music production. All the pros start here, and some stay here too, purely because of familiarity. You can pump out hits from FL at any level.


FL works and does exactly what it is meant to plus more. You would never have thought that songs such as Drop The World and any 9th wonder produced track were made with FL. Lex Luger is another producer notable for using FL. It performs admirably and doesnt really strain my CPU or RAM at all. I have been using it now for roughly 3 to 4 years and have only stopped for brief periods to try out other programs.


The piano roll is probably my favourite feature of FL. It's accessability is immense and allows anybody to create brilliant music at the click of buttons (see Lex Luger). Obviously a midi keyboard does help any ventures but it isn't really neccesary as you can use your PC keyboard. I am a huge fan of everything FL brings, it's simplicity is key. The mixer is superb and even the stock effect plugins that come with it are near to industry standard with some tweaking of the presets that come with them. My only quirp with FL would be stability. If you overload it it can crash without warning. FL also does not take any sort of backups, this is extremely annoying when you are working on your brand new super beat and it just crashes out of nowhere with no backup made. However this is rare so there is no worrys. Knowing what I know now, I would buy FL any day of the week as it is really a super DAW.