Image Line Fruity Loops Studio 4
Image Line Fruity Loops Studio 4

Fruity Loops Studio 4, Electronic Music Sequencer from Image Line in the Fruity Loops series.

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Ralphflorian 07/28/2003

Image Line Fruity Loops Studio 4 : Ralphflorian's user review


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No problem for installation. Paramtrages audio and midi Reduces to a minimum.
Manuel obscure and only summary.


I use a P4 2.6 GHz with 512 mgas of memory. Dmx6fire card, hard drive IBM 7200T.

FL studio, Ralite is for hackers Sunday. Those who want to reproduce the ear of the song Star'Ac, you know, the one that is going on during the dessert just before the step-ERRF beginners assistance to the family of pets RuNie .
In short, the fact has a jingle to sleep not too difficult to amuse the gallery.

Otherwise, if you want to push a bit inception, the problems dmarrent: ds you start loading the software and VSTI effects while racing, nothing is sync, the audio engine just can not keep it a little ds sollicit ... Yet I think I have the most stable config computer that is ... No VIA chipset, RAM memory certify pilots to the hair ...

This software is just unusable. He accuses actually three years late.


I use this software to not even CRER would do drum loops.
Why? Because it is not even accept the damn files in 24 bit ....

a frieze amateur to possible ... If you want to attack the complicated you will end up with a nice fast trs window like "fl studio does not rpond - close the program" and that on which you leave the trash sweat without being able to save ...

Unforgivable, given that this software is dvellop for 5 years now. They have redone the paint, adding a few gadgets, but no evolution that could amliorer stability of this thing.

FL Studio would feel if silent again in 1998. But in 2003, an amateur freeware slightly more volumes than others (but not more effective!)

Too bad, there was the ide ....