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Reason Studios Reason 4
Reason Studios Reason 4

Thread Delay Problem in Reason 4.

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1 Delay Problem in Reason 4.
Hi everyone. I'm new to these forums.

At the moment i use the software Fruity loop & Reason 4 to produce my own personal tracks.
I don't seem to have any delay in Fruity loops but in Reason i get a delay.
I like to use fruity loop better since it is more clearer but i prefer reasons sounds, loops and refil packages since its more common to find.

If you can help me to get rid of this delay i would give my life :D.

System specification:

CPU: 3.44 GHz
System Memory: 2.00 GB RAM
Sound card: Creative SB X-FI Audio
Midi device: M-Audio keystation 61 es
Video Card: 256MB ATI Raedon X1300 PRO.
This delay is called latency, and you can reduce it (if your drivers allow you) in the preferences/audio section of reason.