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Reason Studios Reason 2.5
Reason Studios Reason 2.5

Thread Need Help With Reason 2.5

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1 Need Help With Reason 2.5

I was wondering if anyone cam help me. I hope this is going out to everyone.

I have Reason 2.5. I also have a Midiman Midisport 2x2 Midi, Cakewalk Home Studio and an Ensoniq VFX-SD Synth.

I compose a piece for Piano and Oboe (sort of New Age Style).

Here's what I'd like to do:

1.) I want to Transfer this composition from my synth and midi to Reason 2.5.

2.) I might want to substitute the instruments with Reason 2.5's oboe (and maybe piano).

3.) I want to see if I can record this music from Reason 2.5 to Cakewalk Home Studio.

Can anyone tell me stop by step how to do this? (If you can, please tell me in a little lower that layman's terms.

The reason that I'm doing it this way is because when I record from my VFX-SD directly into Cakewalk Home Studio, I hear high static when I playback.

Thank you very much!

You will find it easiest to just creat a .mid file of your composition and IMPORT it into reason. Otherwise you will have to record one channel at a time to Reason.

After you have it sounding like you want in Reason EXPORT it as a .wav file.

I really know nothing about Cakewalk. But how are you getting the Ensonic into Cakewalk? Midi I hope? But then there wouldn't be static?

Or you could just Rewire Sonar to Reason.
1 export your midi track from cakewalk to a .mid file

2 create a new instrument in reason

3 import your midi file(file>import midi)

4 select the new created instrument via the roll menu on the new track

5 you can use REASON in CAKEWALK via the REWIRE protocole(seek in the Cakewalk menus)