Reason Studios Reason 2.5
Reason Studios Reason 2.5

Reason 2.5, Electronic Music Sequencer from Reason Studios in the Reason series.

yoTrakkz 09/03/2011

Reason Studios Reason 2.5 : yoTrakkz's user review


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When I purchased it , it was loaded with stock and preset sounds and samples. But unfortunately like most of the computer software programs all of the stock drums were really weak to me, same thing with a lot of the other computer sequencing programs on the market. I feel like if you pay 300 dollars for a software it should at least come stocked with some pretty good kits of all genre’s.


Once you get all of the that down its no different than a lot of other programs on the market. I was actually expecting it to stick out from fl studio and acid and or cubase but it didn’t. So that’s why Im just saying its good, because all of those other softwares are good too. Its basically just picking which one your want to go with and feel most comfortable on . Understand your gear is a big part of the musical process and you can understand Propeller Head Reason 2.5 pretty quick.


Overall the program is great, it works and sounds great. Sequencing is extremely easy even if its your first time using a computer software to do your music and or compositions with you will be able to do them in no problem. You may have to read through the manual a few times in order to clear up a few things but its mainly just getting use to the menu and options. give it a try! But once you get use to the menu’s and options you will see that Propeller head reason has all the bells and whistles. But you don’t want to get with those once you dig in deep with this program you will be surprised on what you can do with this program, this is a powerful program that has been around for a while and isn’t going anywhere.