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Reason Studios Reason 3.0
Reason Studios Reason 3.0

Thread Question 4 anyone who knows reason 3.0

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1 Question 4 anyone who knows reason 3.0
i bought a soundkit online
i'm able to play everything only with a redrum computer
there are pads and brass and other tones i want to be able to play with an NN-XT or malstrom or subtractor

all the files are wav files
.....i dont know if i'm clear or not
i just want to play certain sounds at any key
can anyone help me??
You can load samples into the NN-XT and NN-19. Use the sample load button on the drop-down panel on the XT or the load button that doesn't have a save button next to it on the NN-19.

Play around a little. Read the fine manual. Root key will let you tune the sample.