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Reason Studios Reason 3.0
Reason Studios Reason 3.0

Thread Reason 3.0 help

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1 Reason 3.0 help
is it possible to record using a standard computer keyboard??? I know this is possible in logic express, so if you know how to use a keyboard only, for reason 3.0 then please post a tutorial! thanks
I don't believe that you can record keystrokes using a computer typing keyboard, no.
they make programs that turn your keyboard into a midi controller yes..... i think a couple of them are free if i can remember.... wouldnt know where to get them tho.... google is a good thing.
i just got reason 3.0 and i don't know how to work it. I don't have a midi keyboard or wahtever the special keyboard is...i only have a standard one. i can't figure out how to make sounds and play them back. Where do i start, can i not create anything without a special keyboard?
Manuals and help files can be so useful.
@original poster:

There's a program floating around on the net called Reason Miniboard or something to that effect. I know the file is named reasonmbd.exe and it's made by a swedish group.

Anyway it will install a midi-software-interface on your computer that converts keyboard into notes when you have the ReasonMiniboard maximized. It doesn't work if it's minimized or anything, and probably not worth the trouble. You will need to go into Reason's preferences and select the midi device, making sure it matches up to the device the Reasonminiboard is using.


Start up reason and go file->new

a default rack will pop up. You'll have the Reason Hardware Interface, a Mixer, and maybe some other devices like a subtractor or a maelstrom.

The mixer outputs to Hardware Interface, H-I outputs to soundcard, soundcard to speakers. So you have to connect devices to the Mixer channels to be able to hear the devices. Devices are Samplers(nn19, nnxt), Synthesizers (subtractor and maelstrom), the Redrum drum sequencer, etc.

When you right click in the black space in the rack, you can go to Create--> and there will be a list of devices. Make a Subtractor Analog Synthesizer. When you do this, there will be a Sequencer Track created for the Subtractor as well.

That's what the blue coloured chart at the bottom of your screen is; that's called the Piano Roll or Sequencer and that's where you can click the little keyboard icon in the top left of the sequencer with your mouse to make notes. It defaults to "Song View" or something like that, and when you click the Piano icon it changes to note view. (There are little magnifying glasses on the right side by the scroll bar, those zoom in and out so you can actually see the piano keys on the left.)

If you just created a Subtractor, you'll want to click the piano key icon and then you can play the notes. You should hear a really lame booooop each time you click a key.

As for actual recording, you usually use a midi-keyboard to play the notes, then fine-tune the recording. You can also just draw the notes onto the sequencer when you're in piano mode by clicking the little pencil icon and drawing a red box into the grid.

You can adjust the L> and
Really, what I just told you is completely explained in the reason "Getting Started" manual section. It tells you what every function does, what those crazy complex knobs and stuff do for each device, and it's written very well and easy to understand. Don't be intimidated by the program. It's a lot easier to learn on than Cubase or Fruityloops or whatever.
If you need Help with your music ideas and your using Reason try this site