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Reason Studios Reason 3.0
Reason Studios Reason 3.0

Thread Please help! Reason 3.0 Fade In/Out Problem!

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1 Please help! Reason 3.0 Fade In/Out Problem!
Hey, i'm new here and i just really wanna know how to fade in and out on reason 3.0, i have tried everything, and looked in the help and stuff. If someone could provide a very detailed description i would be eternally gratful! lol Thanks guys and god bless.
I am guessing you are talking about a volume fade correct?
To accomplish a volume fade in reason you first create an empty track in the sequencer window. Then assign that track to your main mixer. Arm the track for record or midi receive just like any other track and hit record. While recording on the mixer track, actually pull down or push up the faders where you would like them to fade. Hit stop. Now you have automated the volume faders on the mixer. Remember you can do this with any parameter in reason. Just remember to create a track for it specifically.

You can also manually draw the automation by first creating the track for the machine, mixer, or effect, then right click the parameter you wish automate and select edit automation. Then, you simply dram the automation in the sequencer window.

Hope this helps
THanks Man, it was annoying me, so there is no way to sort of choose a section and press a button to automatically fade it? cause that would sound a whole lot more professional, cause i'm doing this for release in major stores, so i want it to sound good.... so thats the only way?
uh... yeah..... if you doing this for a major release, wouldnt you export separate tracks from reason into another suitable, more professional program to properly mix and process?
i mean lets tell it like it is, reason is nothing but a glorrified tinker toy. not professional in any way. the program itself is way to phasey and the audio quality that comes out is severly degraded, even at 24 bit. the only thing good that came out of reason is rewire, and the rex player. i mean quality is an issue with your songs right?

unfortunately, no, there isnt a better way of doing fades in reason that i know of. and i would say i know reason up and down.
So what is a professional program then? and dont even think about saying cubase SX cause i have had that and reason is way better than it! But if you can give me some examples of some professional recording programs and the rough prices, preferably AU$, than that would be super! :)
no, cubase is not my cup of tea either, although it is used quite alot. in my opinion i would have to go with samplitude pro ($1000) or sequoia ($3000) both made by Magix. they are the best sounding DAWs i have ever heard.
as far as synth stuff to replace reason, i would go with any software sequencer that supports VSTi or DXi or your favorite format and just use software synths and samplers. anything by arturia or native instruments is good...... there are tons of them out there.

all you have to do is look outside of anything they sell at your local music store. most of the time (not always mind you) they just carry the most popular consumer bullshit.

Well guys it is my personal opinion about reason. It is a full scale professional program. It can do alot what other programs of the same type cant. You want proof, here prodigy - spitfire was done etirely in reason but using their own samples with latest refills. Get the point if you can get the latest refills and record a professional samples you dont need anything else. I use reason rewired in Ableton Live or sometimes Pro Tools(only as MTR or editing) and it really makes your life easy. Anyways it's my personal opinion. If you're looking for recording software dont even think of using reason. The best programs to use(my favorites) is Logic Pro(5000) or Pro Tools HD TDM(3000)
You'r right reson is one of the best programs i'v come across n i'v bin using 5 years but it has it's limits. link it with the new cubasis 4 and your on cloud nine