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Reason Studios Reason 3.0
Reason Studios Reason 3.0

Thread Trying to find good soundcard for Reason 3.0

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1 Trying to find good soundcard for Reason 3.0
I recently got Reason and a Yamaha keyboard only to find there's an unnacceptable amount of latency when I try to play along. I've read that 12ms is about the standard so now I'm looking at some cards. My budget is probably around 150-200 dollars. Ive got like a gig of ram and 2 ghz cpu speed if that helps.

Also I was looking on Amazon and found a great deal for the "Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic Card". I can't really find any specs on latency or anything but it seems like a good buy. Anyone have any input on it?
loose the sound blasters. those are stuff for gamers.
this is all you need:

I got an audigy 4SE yesterday, and the sound is great, the only thing is that FL Studio 6 still lags a bit and I'm wondering whether or not i's the sound card or the celeron 2.2
trust me, its the sound card.
even the best sound blaster on the market is NOT meant for recording use.
A better sound card, that often does not cost more than the best sound blaster, is required for best results.

check out M-Audio or Motu for a good recoding sound card.