Reason Studios Reason 3.0
Reason Studios Reason 3.0

Reason 3.0, Electronic Music Sequencer from Reason Studios in the Reason series.

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Rederb 07/20/2005

Reason Studios Reason 3.0 : Rederb's user review


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Okay, for now I found no problems since I installed v3.0 in Reason 4 diffrent configurations including a silent one 7 years old PC with a Pentium 3 board. Only problem with the low-end PC, the impossibility of opening two files simultaneously and read one of them.
The manual is quite sufficient but necessary because without it many information programming patches are remnants inconnues.Et, contrary to what serotonik prcedement said, you can easely get a complete manual for versions 2.5 and 3.0 in French.


The configuration of my PC is 3.0Ghz, Pentium 4, 512MB Ram, 2x80Go hard drive, and an ordinary sound card SoundMAX Digital Audio Intergrated and so far I had no problem with Reason if this is a load of files that slow a bit when loading a component using multiple samplers.


Personally I am new to the world of the composition because I just had to dance ejay 6 A Reason v3.0 in June making a diffrence in sacred sound choices but also a Difference complications and difficulties faced in Reason as a Reason, Dance eJay simplicity is the same.
The ratio quality price is quite reasonable because once we understand the operation of Reason v3.0 we never tire of it ...
Without hesistant j'achterais the new version of Reason once it is out