Roland TD-9 Module
Roland TD-9 Module

TD-9 Module, Electronic Drum Module from Roland in the TD series.

Eyrithan 04/20/2008

Roland TD-9 Module : Eyrithan's user review


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Rcent owner of a TD9 KX I prcise Premire it's my drumkit, and although still m'tant INTERESTED percussion, I practice a great beginners!

How long have you use it?
For 1 week.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
1. The skin mesh extremely enjoyable compartment plastic pads (any brand). We can rgler tension skins, but with no preferences for the moment I left the factory rglage.
2. The ergonomics of the stand, his esthtisme, its stability and modularity. For my size (1.72 m) I had no problem to install DIFFERENT lments my convenience. As I play prfre dcrois I install the left and the Crash Ride right without big problems (there is enough wire, even if it is trslg rately tense).
3. The module is very simple to use. We're in the bathroom 2 times 3 movements and I plussoie Previous notices about it. I just used the manual to see the exact format for saving files. WAV to go to the music without drumkit rcuprs on the web in MP3 via USB key (direct connection to the module). By the way it is possible that some former cls USB are not recognized. A 1 GB gnrique could never be DTECT, while two others for my cls (128 MB and 2 GB) recognition Has IMMEDIATE.
4. Intgr 50 songs cover a wide range of styles DIFFERENT, probably where you will find happiness. FINALLY the songs sound with "real" instruments, not like the type MIDI (I dtest! Even those of G ***** 5 PRO are not convincing my opinion). Although we can remove some sr instruments Obviously the drumkit to accompany everything with a style more or less hsitant
5. Function Scope: prcdemment said as it is right to correct our rate card, for each element of the drumkit. Everything is clear, with a Zoom (prcis more visual, but more Reduces note range) or DZoom (inverse) of a step from the initial display.
6. The rglage DIFFERENT lments of the drumkit (w cymbals, bass drum pad type etc ...) seems trs friendly even if for now I'm me COIL, UN srieusement not.

1. I t tonn of low power sound of cymbals. Although not of exprience in the Contents lments I think some (like the snare) are better rendered in the volume in relation to each other than say cymbals (ride and crash) . This may be a rglage do, but as said prcdemment, I have not had time to look for a prs. Prcise I feel that this is not due to the headphone: I have a monitoring headphones ****** P 800 which I think he filled his office perfectly. As such I used to dpart headphone closed for wireless MUCH TV or PC games, but j'tais have to turn up the bottom (on the module and the headphone !) to have made an "almost correct". With the monitoring headphones, ds half volume, the impressions of power are indeed with the quality of his too! Half the volume any more, I do not want to gun down my ears 34 years
EDIT: After a few SETTING THE I got to have volume rendering as expected. Rsultat impeccable '
2. heuuu ... I l sche for 5 min. EDIT: not anymore. I confirm that the noise impact on the hi-hat, cymbals and bass drum especially can quickly become a source of dsagrments for the company or the neighbors. All dpend the thickness of the walls, floor type and good sound insulation sr ...

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Just the TD3 and TD6, with only the snare skin mesh. Toms pads disposed me ds Premire strikes the wrists and threatened to an DPOS Pravis of grve for infinite duration. My t tests were relatively short (just 1 / 4 of an hour each), and therefore unreliable for comparison prcises.

How do you report qualitprix?
Trs good. For beginners like me it's more than enough.

Exprience with, you will do again this choice?
To edit later, but for now I am fully satisfied the drumkit. A real rgal!

Note: I made ​​the order on a German site trs experienced users of this site powered speakers The MA BOX 1520 MKII for my sound to TD9. I saw that there was an open topic on the forum, I'll post my impressions 1ST.