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Thread Yamaha s08 no USB action

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1 Yamaha s08 no USB action
I have a yamaha s08. for some reason when I connect it to my computer via USB, the keyboard is not recognized ( I do not even get a mesage) is the USB connector busted?
I have connected other things (printers, etc) to the same port using the same cable and everything else works...I just dont know how sesitive the connector on the keyboard is....
you don't have to get a message, the usb is used as a midi controller for your sequencer software, so you have to look there if the keyboard is recognized.
no, nothing happens...
I am using the sequencing software that came with it, and I followed all the directions on seting it up.
the computer is not recognizing it, and when I try to change the devices (for midi in or out) I can't find the keyboard anywhere....
The Yamaha S08 does not, unfortunately, have a device definition file so your best chance is to try it on another system. maybe yours is not compatible.
if another system does not work, then you got yourself a defective keyboard.