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7 posts
New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 11/15/2005 at 21:10:21
Hi guys

Just wondering if anyone out there recommends a drum machine, or if you have any advice on drum machines in general.

My style of music is in the rock genre (nickelback etc).

what is a good drum machine to buy. i dont play drums and many of the loops i have found dont allow me space to play with them.

any advice would be sound

cheers guys n girls


5 posts
New AFfiliate

2 Posted on 09/03/2006 at 07:04:48
You can NOT go wrong with the Boss DR-880. It has some of the finest samples money can buy prior to shelling out the BIG bucks for a sampler. It is very easy to use and program, and yet affords a plethora of drum kits to completely modify to your taste. If you are a guitarist (like I am) it's even better as it has a GT-6 guitar processor right on board with a bass guitar generator as well for adding bass lines. Tons of quality samples and ease of use make it a TOP pick. Not cheap......$500.........but quality never comes cheap. Don't compromise......get one and be very happy....I know I am....
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