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Thread Help with my Alesis SR-16

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1 Help with my Alesis SR-16
I just purchased a SR-16 and whenever i hit a pad the drum sounds come out distorted. I checked the cables, speaker but still run into the problem any one have any suggestions or a solution??

ahhh! you could use it for some industrial music ;)

i think that, ive had the problem before with my boss dr550mkii, and it was a simple one, for me it was a matter of restoring the factory settings, i believe it was in the sun too long or something, all the data went funny, and that fixed it...so try that if you know how or go to http://www.alesis.com/downloads/manuals/SR16_Manual.pdf

there is trouble shooting at the bottom of that manual, re: distortion it says roughly "make sure the mix volume is not overdriving your reciever", i assume they mean the main volume knob, maybe lower it right down and keep bringing it up a little until you get a sound that isnt distorted, or make sure whatever you are connecting the outputs too isnt set at too high of a volume in comparison to the volume right out of the drum machine

good luck
I have same unit it seems when you tap pads volume is low .When you compose and record a pattern the volume plays back normal.Still learning myself hope this helps.