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Thread MIDI keyboard w/ internal sound module

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1 MIDI keyboard w/ internal sound module
r there any good MIDI keyboards out there w/ an internal sound module
Vladvir - Have yuo tried any of the new boards by Proteus, Roland or Korg?
Depending upon your price range there are alot of great gear out there.
I have experienced a lot of different manufactures over the years and have come to except Yamaha as my gear of choice. Yamaha's S series are good boards as well as having exceptional voices. And being multi timbral you get the best of both worlds for the price. I have used this board as a total back up band with no problems. Currently I am using the Motif ES 8 as my main axle but the S03 is still a part of my setup as well as the TG-33 Sound module. Hope this helps you a bit. The S03 is well under a gran in price and is worth every penny.