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Thread hardware or software

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1 hardware or software
which do you work with more? and why?
In my opinion hardware is more solid and reliable. Vst instruments are more fragile but worth working with. It's also a matter of preference.Main thing is? whatever you work with is not important as long as it sounds ok and when it works stable.
I should say, the best of both worlds and whenever it suits your purpose and you feel happy with it , that's all you need.
chris at www.tsunamimusic.be
exactly! if you can use both to get the sounds you want...thats great, i like to use the solid stuff more, and i like the fact that i dont have to haul my computer everywhere if i want to jam...thats when a laptop would be very good to have
I really like some of my old hardware but with Reason I'm almost unlimited in how many synths I can use. And to have that many synths in hardware would cost a fortune.

Still need one good keyboard tho.
EXACTLY! good point also, there is no way most musicians could have a lineup like that without spending $10,000's

one good piece of hardware is good enough for me also, otherwise, things get too complicated and expensive
I actually have a good mix of both. I have four hardware synths and many software synths, which make for a great combination for creating new sounds. Since I refuse to use stock synth sounds, I'm creating all my own and I have everything I need to do that, with the Oberheim Matrix 12 and Absynth serving as my primary sound creation tools. Both are trouble-free and very reliable and, with Midiquest as my editor/librarian, I can save and organize all my new sounds and quickly and easily recall them, making my old analog MIDI synths quite powerful.
I prefer Hardware i only have 2 synths, a Tone Generator and Mixing desk with Basic EFX