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Thread Ensoniq MR-61 - no Main or Aux output

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1 Ensoniq MR-61 - no Main or Aux output
The top-quality condition Ensoniq MR-61 that I got last week works perfectly... except that I can't get any output from either the Main or Aux outputs. The headphone output works perfectly fine. The previous owner says they had something of a similar problem, but they managed to fix it by doing something with the system settings - he can't remember what. I've twiddled with every single system setting I can find and nothing that will make any sound come out of Main or Aux outputs. Since I can hear faint clicks when I plug jacks into the Main and Aux outputs, I'm 95% sure it's a software rather than a hardware problem. But neither the manual nor anything I've found online about the MR or ZR range is of any use.

I am grateful for your kind perusal.
Hi my friend,did you find the solution?because i have the same problem.thanks a lot.