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  • Giorgio Moroder signs a MiniNova
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    Giorgio Moroder signs a MiniNova

    05/18/15 in Novation MoroderNova

    Novation and electronic music pioneer Giorgio Moroder collaborated on a limited version of the MiniNova synth called MoroderNova.

  • New Acid8 hardware hybrid synth and sequencer

    New Acid8 hardware hybrid synth and sequencer

    05/07/15 in Twisted Electrons ACID8

    Twisted Electrons announces the availability of Acid8, a new hybrid analog/digital synthesizer equipped with an 8-bit oscillator and a sequencer.

  • The Prophet 6 will be released in June

    The Prophet 6 will be released in June

    05/01/15 in Sequential Prophet-6

    Dave Smith has set the release date and price of the Sequential Prophet 6 analog synthesizer that he unveiled at NAMM.

  • Analogue Solutions announces Megacity

    Analogue Solutions announces Megacity

    04/21/15 in Analogue Solutions Megacity

    Analogue Solutions posted a video teaser in which you can see the first images of their upcoming Megacity hardware step sequencer.

  • [Musikmesse][VIDEO] Arturia product demo
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    [Musikmesse][VIDEO] Arturia product demo

    04/17/15 in Arturia BeatStep Pro

    Here’s a nice demo we shot today at the Arturia booth at Musikmesse 2015 with the BeatStep Pro pad controller, Minibrute and Microbrute synths.

  • [Musikmesse] The Modal 002 in rack

    [Musikmesse] The Modal 002 in rack

    04/16/15 in Modal Electronics 002R - 12 Voice

    Last product to be introduced at the Modal Electronics booth at Musikmesse 2015 is the rack version of the 002 hybrid synth.

  • [Musikmesse][VIDEO] Roland Aira Modular
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    [Musikmesse][VIDEO] Roland Aira Modular

    04/16/15 in Roland SYSTEM-1m

    We got a special presentation of the new Aira semi-modular system and the upcoming System-500 at the Roland booth at Musikmesse.

  • [Musikmesse][VIDEO] Roland JD-XA full demo
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    [Musikmesse][VIDEO] Roland JD-XA full demo

    04/16/15 in Roland JD-XA

    Sit comfortably with a cup of coffee, and watch this 18-minute presentation of the new Roland JD-XA hybrid synthesizer shot today at Musikmesse.

  • [Musikmesse] Modal 001 compact synth
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    [Musikmesse] Modal 001 compact synth

    04/15/15 in Modal Electronics 001

    The Modal 002 hybrid synth now has a little brother, the 001 duophonic and bitimbral model that is introduced at Musikmesse today.

  • [Musikmesse] Roland Aira goes semi-modular
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    [Musikmesse] Roland Aira goes semi-modular

    04/15/15 in Roland SYSTEM-1m

    As expected, the Roland Aira series takes a semi-modular turn with a new System-1m core and four effect modules.