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  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Akai Tom Cat
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] Akai Tom Cat

    01/23/15 in Akai Professional Tom Cat

    Akai introduces at NAMM 2015 a drum machine equipped with a circuit that will make the drums “maul”. Really?

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Akai Timbre Wolf
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] Akai Timbre Wolf

    01/23/15 in Akai Professional Timbre Wolf

    2015 is definitely the synth year! Even Akai launches its synthesizer, so we went to see what this Timbre Wolf is all about…

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Modal Modulus 002
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] Modal Modulus 002

    01/23/15 in Modal Electronics Modulus 002

    It’s white, it’s gorgeous, it’s full of innovative ideas and his dad, Paul Maddox himself, introduces it to our team…

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Arturia BeatStep Pro
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] Arturia BeatStep Pro

    01/22/15 in Arturia BeatStep Pro

    The BeatStep Pro MIDI controller and sequencer is Arturia’s other big news at NAMM 2015. Let’s see and hear what it can do…

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] ARP Odyssey by Korg
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] ARP Odyssey by Korg

    01/22/15 in ARP Odyssey Rev2

    Another must-see this year at NAMM is the ARP Odyssey synthesizer reissue by Korg. Audiofanzine did not miss the big event…

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Moog System 55
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] Moog System 55

    01/22/15 in Moog Music System 55 (2015)

    For those of you who won’t have the opportunity to put their hands on the Moog reissue of the System 55 modular synth, here’s what you’ll miss…

  • [NAMM] Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

    [NAMM] Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

    01/22/15 in Teenage Engineering PO-12 Rhythm

    Last year, Teenage Engineering unveiled a new project of affordable pocket-sized modules. The team introduces today the final result at NAMM 2015.

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Sequential Prophet 6 Demo
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] Sequential Prophet 6 Demo

    01/22/15 in Sequential Prophet-6

    Red Led from the Audiofanzine team met Dave Smith in person for a little chat and a nice presentation of the Sequential Prophet 6 synth.

  • [NAMM] Arturia unleashes BeatStep Pro
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    [NAMM] Arturia unleashes BeatStep Pro

    01/22/15 in Arturia BeatStep Pro

    The Arturia BeatStep MIDI controller and sequencer jumps into a new dimension with the new Pro version unveiled today at NAMM 2015.

  • [NAMM] The Korg Kronos will ship in February

    [NAMM] The Korg Kronos will ship in February

    01/22/15 in Korg Kronos 88 (2015)

    Korg is showcasing on its booth at NAMM 2015 the new Kronos we talked to you about last November.