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Outsim SynthMaker v2

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Outsim SynthMaker v2
News Outsim SynthMaker v2

Environment for audio development from Outsim

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Outsim has announced the release of version 2.0 of SynthMaker.


The headline feature in version 2.0 is Multi Sample Support.


FREE Version Limitations: The FREE version is limited to schematics with 10000 components or less. ASIO and EXE export are disabled and VST plug-ins created with this version will generate a periodic soft hissing sound. Apart from this the FREE version is fully function with no time limitations.



  • Enterprise: £95 / $149* / €115*
  • Professional: £195 / $295* / €230*
  • Upgrade from Enterprise: £105 / $165* / €125*
  • Upgrade from Version 1**: £20 / $31* / €25*

* estimated conversion from British Pounds. ** all version 1 upgrades are to the Professional edition.

Summary of changes

Key features:

  • Multi Sample Handling.
  • Improved Compatibility with VST Hosts.
  • Enhanced Exe Export.
  • Refined Voice Management.
  • New Code Component Functions.
  • Wiimote and Nunchuk Support.
  • Direct Sound In.

In addition to a host of other smaller core changes we have the following:

  • Fix: crashing and hanging when opening multiple instances of the same plugin in Cubase and some other hosts.
  • Fix: problem with plugin GUI not initialising correctly in Samplitude and some other hosts.
  • New: option to say whether default audio is selected automatically on launch.
  • New: option to show or hide the MIDI/Audio menu.
  • New: option to show or hide the right-click menu.
  • New: option to exit on ESC key press.
  • New: the about box option has been removed.
  • New: component reference is fully up to date with primitives and modules together in alphabetical order.
  • New: the Developer Mode option has been discontinued.
  • New: string to string array component, provides a way of making string arrays which contain commas in the individual elements.
  • New: functions for the Code component, pow, exp, abs, sqrt, sign.
  • Fix: search was not identifying matching words in module help text which had capitals in them.
  • Fix: when using a gate the envelope modules now wait for the gate to signal note off instead of the MIDI note off.
  • Fix: the ASIO driver now resets automatically after changes are made in the ASIO settings.
  • Fix: the MIDI In Select and MIDI Out Select modules no longer change with preset changes.
  • New: option to run in background for the Shell Execute component (the default is now to wait for completion).
  • Fix: there were issues with single sample delays which resulted in the delay being off by one sample under certain conditions.
  • Fix: the Signal Analyser wasn’t setting the type sometimes on re-load.
  • Fix: when zooming fully out using the mouse wheel the zoom level was getting stuck preventing you from zooming back out.
  • Fix: the Bool to True and Bool to False components were not setting state until after sending the trigger out which causing problems when used in feedback loops.
  • New: sample rate for Direct Sound is no longer fixed at 44100.
  • Fix: small issue with flickering connectors when pasting in the Code Component.
  • Fix: when deleting a module containing either Direct Sound Out or ASIO In/Out the toolbox was not being updated to allow you to add a new one.
  • Fix: ASIO now updates as you change settings where before you would have needed to turn it off and back on again.
  • Fix: possible crash when adding a module containing the Wave Array Read to the toolbox.
  • Fix: there was an issue with the compression when saving very small schematics that caused the file to be unreadable.
  • New: enhanced update check.
  • New: small refinements to application appearance.
  • New: more compact filter bar with fewer groups but at a higher level.
  • New: the MIDI to Voices now defaults to starting a new voice for each note.
  • New: the 'Using Samples’ input to the MIDI to Voices has been renamed and allows you to select between reusing the same voice for the same note or starting a new one (default).
  • New: option on the MIDI to Voices to specify whether repeating the same note creates new voices or just has one instance when MIDI Sustain is on.
  • Fix: problem with not sending the complete sequence of stages when a note passes from on to off in the same audio frame.
  • New: updated MIDI to Poly module to reflect changes made to the primitives.

New Primitives:

  • MIDI to Multi Voice.
  • SFZ Parser.
  • Audio Devices.
  • Audio Select.
  • Set Sample Rate.
  • Exe Quit.
  • Exe Zoom.
  • Open ASIO Settings.
  • After Duplicate.
  • Audio Devices.
  • Audio Select.
  • Direct Sound In.
  • Exe Zoom.
  • Exe Quit.
  • Float Array Abs.
  • Float Array Subtract.
  • Float Queue.
  • Hex To String.
  • Int Stack.
  • Int Queue.
  • Max Float Array.
  • Mono to Graph (dual, quad and oct).
  • Set Sample Rate.
  • String Stack.
  • String To Hex.
  • String Queue.
  • Subtract from Float Array.
  • Wii Nunchuk.
  • Wiimote.
  • Wiimote IR.
  • XBox360.
  • Trigger Blocker for String, Int and Bool.

New Modules:

  • Audio Selector.
  • Auto Correlation.
  • Bool Changed.
  • Clipper.
  • Cross Correlation.
  • De-threader.
  • Dual Scope.
  • FM De-modulator.
  • FM Modulator.
  • FFT Display.
  • Float Changed.
  • Hysteresis Gate.
  • Int Changed.
  • Inverse Kinematics.
  • Key Pad.
  • LED Green.
  • LED Red.
  • LED Yellow.
  • LED Knob.
  • Mono Boolean Readout.
  • Phase Invert.
  • PID.
  • PWM.
  • Running Average.
  • Sample Rate Selector.
  • Storage Scope.
  • Stream Abs.
  • String Changed.
  • Trigger Counter.
  • Trigger Delay.
  • Trigger Pulse.
  • Multi Sample.
  • Multi Sample Advanced.
  • Display Window.
  • Audio Menu.
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