Sherman FilterBank V2
Sherman FilterBank V2

FilterBank V2, Filter from Sherman.

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Bruxo 06/04/2006

Sherman FilterBank V2 : Bruxo's user review


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The config is excellent.
Three midi "through" it's really not lsin bravo!
It takes a little over aprentissage because of both the analog you really know where we're going to know how to get there.
But once one starts out that sounds, it is frie. Magic! The Heat
The manual is nice trs.


Ultra efficient.
I use it on everything, depending on the project.
Voices, drums, tablas, flute synth ... Every time I discovering new sounds.
I love everything about this machine.
I dlaisse some time, and now I rdecouvre - with much more information on filtering and synthses at the top, it is essential ;-)
It is a rgale!
If you find time, Do not hesitate, knowing that it takes time for learning, should not be press ...
Now I see it as an instrument by Entire.
The price is expensive, but given that it is hand made ...
Trs great machine!


For a year or two.
I love it!
I tried the FilterPro Line 6 is not the same thing, I do not even know if we can compare it both formulations ... (even if some sounds FilterPro trs are beautiful)
The only complaint with this price, the buttons could be fixs on the box more firmly, it's a shame, since they are running and returns all the time ...
I would do this CHOX is on.