Echo Audiofire 12
Echo Audiofire 12
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doc benway 03/14/2013

Echo Audiofire 12 : doc benway's user review

«  does its job »

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I was looking for 16 ins 16 outs in jack for use directly out of my console, here is already 12! After 2 years of use, I think buying a 2nd switch for 24 in / out.
So I have a trident preamps with 16 plus 8 good preamps (neve, telefunken, through design, rft), no need preamp on my converter.


I use AC with reaper is stable with a very short latency (4ms? I know) you can get a 0 if listening with software echo (a small mixer that allows manage returns headphones enough if you do not use effect).
Well it crashes at startup when it gets too cold in the stud '... Prevoir time the piece!


Everything works well and quickly, it is very simple. The site is comprehensive constructor.


Well, I had a digidesign 002 before that, the big problem was to move from a protools reaper, change sound card I did not pose any concern.
I like being able to freely configure the 12 outputs, stereo headsets 6, to monitor several forums, sending to the console for analog summing, etc ... The fact of being in jack only allows me to not get lost always seek a more gear ("hey, what I can put on my 2nd ADAT in?")
I think for the price, it's perfect. This is 5 times cheaper than the "pro" style prism or lynx, certainly less strong on the length, but I do not think its worth much difference. I'd love to hear ca moreover, a comparative test lynx / audio?! ..
A word salvation!