Focusrite Saffire LE
Focusrite Saffire LE

Saffire LE, FireWire audio interface from Focusrite in the Saffire series.

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bobmusique01 10/17/2006

Focusrite Saffire LE : bobmusique01's user review


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I hesitated between this product and PRESONUS FIREBOX of (which I heard only good things). I take the time to write this review because I was really impressed with the Saffire LE. PC configuration, Windows XP ... I had the chance to compare both products extensively and is a huge difference between the two.


No problem. Not really a man but a little hasty expicatif DVD but not really necessary anyway.


No problem here either. I have only been two weeks. I use SONAR.


As I mentioned, I was able to compare the product with the FIREBOX and converters as well as the preamps are nettememt higher on the Saffire LE (and I'm very picky about it, a little zealous same. I also presume to say that I have good ears). But here, on a good frame of reference, even my grandmother would hear the difference. I do not really see how we can do better in this product category. The sound quality is amazing, very accurate, with virtually no background noise (much less than the FIREBOX), it's really amazing. The preamps are also stronger here (more gain). I hesitated a long time because I found not many reviews for this product. Even if the seller tells you that the Saffire LE FIREBOX and are equivalent in performance (that's what mine told) do not particularly think! Do you even compare (a real serious test) and you will not regret it. I hope I have helped someone with this opinion.