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M-Audio Firewire 18/14
M-Audio Firewire 18/14

FireWire audio interface from M-Audio belonging to the FireWire series

Thread m-audio firewire (popping noise)

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1 m-audio firewire (popping noise)
I would be forever grateful if somebody could help me out on this one as it has plagued my band for about 4 months now.
We're using an m-audio firewire 1814 (we also have a firewire 410 but are experiencing the same problem when using that model too) to guitar and vocal tracks at the moment (using an ok pc with cubasis). Everything seems to be working fine until playback when we discover that the track has an intermittent background "popping" or static noise. It happens with every recording and we've ruled out the problem being with the pc as we've tried it on a fairly good spec laptop with the same results. It doesn't seem to be environment either as we've recorded in a number of different places. Incidentally we didn’t have this problem 6 months ago using the exact same equipment and the fact that the problem is occurring with both m-audio firewire units suggests either a bizarre coincidence or something we’ve overlooked.
1) maybe you have clock source issues, your m-audio is not timed well, so the recordings are pure pop-corn. check the m.audio settings


2) maybe you are experiencing digital distortion. in this case, just lower the input levels
I am experiencing the same issue, did anyone solve this?

%1$s a écrit 1) maybe you have clock source issues, your m-audio is not timed well, so the recordings are pure pop-corn. check the m.audio settings

I am sure that with me the clock source is set as external. It is in the control panel for the M-audio Firewire 410 device, and i can find no other place to set it, either within the recording software, e.g. Peak, Audacity, or Pro Tools which came with the device.


2) maybe you are experiencing digital distortion. in this case, just lower the input levels

No, it is most definitely not a levels issue. The levels are set as low as possible with the Firewire control panel, but is still producing static, which is quite evil with the piano sounds. The level is also at its lowest with the recording soft, still there is static noise rising and falling with the intensity of the music, and this is fairly quiet improvised music.

So, anyone out there with suggestions how to eliminate this, as it is impossible to record from DAT otherwise.


I just saw a thread on a consumer report that may assist:

" ??POP - POP - POP??, September 3, 2006
Reviewer: sallen (Champaign, IL) - See all my reviews
I had continuous popping as well, but it's not the Firewire 410's fault and it can be easily avoided. I had my Firewire 410 sitting right next to my Linksys router and was getting non stop popping coming through the speakers and my recordings. The popping stopped when I moved them about 2-3 ft. apart from each other.

Maybe it has something to do with the WiFi signal. I'm using a desktop PC. If you are using a laptop with an internal modem/WiFi, make sure you don't have your Firewire 410 sitting right next to your laptop or you'll probably have the same problem. As for desktop users... I purchased some longer ethernet cables and moved my router about 15ft away from my system just to make sure I don't have any more problems.

If you are still having popping or stuttering problems, check your latency setting in the driver. Set the latency to the default (256) or larger until you have a more powerful computer that can handle lower latencies.

I've also heard horror stories about the driver. It seems that most of these horror stories were from Mac users. I use PC and everything seems to be rock solid. Either way, just make sure you have the latest drivers from M-Audio(dot)com. I think the current drivers may have solved Mac issues.

Overall, it's a very nice interface for the price. Clean sound going in and out. I'm using this mostly for narrating video. I was torn between this interface and the Presonus Firebox. I was also looking at Tascam products. I finally decided on this the Firewire 410. I won't say anything bad about the others because I don't have any personal experience with them. I will say, however, that I very satisfied with my decision.

On a final note, I called tech support to ask a few questions. I had to wait on hold for about 15-20 minute to speak with someone, but, they were polite and knowledgeable. "

I am also getting a popping noise and my router is close the the device....I hope you have a posotive result with this one...
hello all!

I too have the m-audio firewire 410 and I am having the same problem. Playing I use wireless on the pc that I record music and turning off the wifi receiver did not solve the problem.

The thing is, when I just play an instrument or mic it sounds great as well as during recording. However, during playback I get the popping sounds which is very annoying.

Any help would be appreciated.