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M-Audio Firewire 410
M-Audio Firewire 410

Thread help!problem with m-audio FW 410

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1 help!problem with m-audio FW 410
Hello there,
I spend around 600euros couple of months ago buying one of the so called best sound interfaces money can buy.The m-audio 410 firewire.The sound card has great recording capabilities when its working!
It is suddenly after a few hours of operation loosing its conectivity.The blue light is on but there is no sound card recognized.I have to restart my computer every time and believe me that is a pain in the ***.Sometimes its happening even more often. I follwed again and again the instalation instructions and updated the drivers.What could be going wrong then?
I have to clarify that the firewire cable is connected to a PCI card with 3 firewire ports that i have installed in my motherboad.Could that be the problem?or the cable it self?(other devices that i have used there worked fine though).Where the conflict can be?maybe the windows xp?
Can anyone help me please?i would be greatfull...

Operation system:
p4 3.2
Ram 1G
Windows XP with SP2

PS in a forum i read that it might be the Firewire card chipset.what is that and how can i check it?

thanks in advance
I have never had a problem with the firewire card in my PC, but who knows. I would start by calling M-Audio and seeing if they have a file on this. That sounds like a unit issue, not a card issue. So, yeah, start with M-audio.