M-Audio Firewire Audiophile
M-Audio Firewire Audiophile

Firewire Audiophile, FireWire audio interface from M-Audio in the FireWire series.

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M-Audio Firewire Audiophile : Anonymous 's user review


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The interest I had in purchasing this card is to have 2 analog outputs, one for broadcast for a pfl.
latency "honest" to play vst eg (components).
MIDI interface
the two knobs on the front (headphone, General)
the button "pfl" (one or the other output) on the front as well.
and an analog input (normal you might say!)
the price.

I use it mostly with live / Reason.
is via a console cable analogigue input and output (UB802) and a live effect (efx 500), an alesis micron master keyboard and a small evolution (VST).

Dell Inspiron 5150 Intel Mobile P4 3.06 GHz (it gets too hot this thing dailleurs), hd 60 gb Hitachi Travelstar 7200 RPM 8 MB cache, 1 gb of ram, 2 hd external, win xp pro pack 1.


Instalation without worries auncun as dab on this type of equipment, installation of the driver, plug the gear, here is c.

no conflict, no worries irq etc ...

config so easy (just think, with the limited routing make it yaa .....!!)

the manual?!?

to download from the manufacturer site, in French and in English as precise


I've never had bugs, and even happy (2 out, 1 in).
the only thing that happened is a decrease in its innopinée on outputs 3 / 4 and this, pls times, but this is now resolved (I went to live 4 to 5 live, go figure .... .!)

update !!??!.......... I got in a 1year and a half, without comment, but hey, for this type of product and saw what I did with it just no interest from the time it works well because sometimes ,............ updates .........!!

Latency: 8 to 12 ms without configuring software, live on by fiddling the buffers, the frequency and turn off which does not serve me at the time we reach 4/6ms without it cracking.



cover scrap, feeling tough (and it is, with all the "seals" it has taken, operating in wet (with 2 or 3x in saline), in the sun, apart from the pretty stripes , no you having.

it is right for me, neither more nor less.

the -:

Franco I do not, I fucking shot before buying so I could make the choice that suited me at that time.

today I still think increasing the number of i / o with another card, but for the home only for the outside I keep it there.

insofar as it meets my needs and it is solid I would put a general notice of 9, I do not 10 as it could be cheaper, and yes! everything is too expensive (among other premium rate) today ......