M-Audio Firewire Solo
M-Audio Firewire Solo

Firewire Solo, FireWire audio interface from M-Audio in the FireWire series.

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fritesgrec 03/22/2005

M-Audio Firewire Solo : fritesgrec's user review


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I needed two line level inputs to connect my console. 4 between t'll have a better but hey, more needs to be bcp (the Firewire 410 has two inputs that also served me the 8 outputs not silent in the audiophile rca, and I wanted to have a pramp embarked on nomadism). Inca had a 88 which posed some problems in terms of stability. I never really shot one of the 8 i / o. Between the solo instrument is one of the nicer it allows me to connect my HeadRush that takes the output from the console monitor, or plug my bass line.
I chose the firewire because it is more stable than USB for APRS critics.


Installation without any worries. The card is recognized and fed by the firewire port (6 pin) of the PC (turn). Config very simple, it can not be simpler. Manual useless.


Map trs trs stable, I had no desire to crash, at most a delay in reading qq t ms when it has not sought a long time and all of a sudden he was asked to read 10 tracks.


The micro pramp artificial sounds with my B1. This is a default but can also be a desired effect. It does not sound bad anyway. I keep my tube pre nanmoins gives me a more natural rsultat. Pay 215 this card is exactly what I was looking for.