MOTU Traveler
MOTU Traveler

Traveler, FireWire audio interface from MOTU in the Traveler series.

Cutboost 03/14/2007

MOTU Traveler : Cutboost's user review


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The four preamps with adjustable in dB.
Recordings of live and "in situ".
DELL Inspiron 6000, Celeron 2GHz, 1GB Ram, 120GB 7200rpm HD (laptop)


No problem.
Everything is bathed.


Drivers stable as granite.
Used with Cubase SL3 and WaveLab4.
Recording 20 simultaneous tracks.


Since December 2005.
The preamp sufficient to catch okay. From 3 / 4, long live the wind!
The ability to save settings preamps: on paper, it's great. But how m. .. in reality! With each save a preset, the preset said losing a dB settings preamps. If we do not immediately save the preset, the lower mouse click on any small function in the console CueMix the preamp return to their previous setting. It is frustrating when you do a live recording or in a hurry!
Swiss Army Knife to the side is nice. We can do many things with this card, but you have to expect some gnashing of teeth.
I had the 828mk2, I bartered against the Traveler.
I do not have that choice would do. I would go about Metric Halo, which is much more professional. The quality of the converters ausi leaves to be desired on the Traveler, when compared to other (Lucid, Tascam, ...) The serious are less precise, and it suffers from a lack of clarity and presence in the top of the spectrum.
Some problems of the whistle 48v phantom power supply. I changed my MOTU Traveler, but I have a new worry about a preamp.
In short, it's really not a well finished product. Too bad.