PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

Coco_RatelRoad 10/28/2011

PreSonus FireBox : Coco_RatelRoad's user review

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My choice was motivated by a positive view of its decision on the one hand, and the possibility of mobile use on the other.
For now, I use Pro Tools on Windows 9 (CM Asus P6T SE, Intel Core 7, 12goRAM, Win7 64bit).
Right now, I basically made guitar and electric violin but I did catch the voice and keyboards without pre-amp: nickel!


No problem with Pro Tools 9, I did not with Cubase SX3.
The number of tracks depends on the computer and not the card ...

Only drawback, especially in the case of mobile use, the firewire connection between the Firebox and the PC is capricious. Sometimes just plug in a USB cable around so that the card "wins"! In general, disconnection and reconnection, here we go again, sometimes you have to reboot ...


I remember a mandatory procedure under Windows XP. with my last installation, I had no problem.

Simple configuration, a software mixer that's it.


I've had at least 5 years.
I also had the PCI Luna II Creamware. I much prefer the Firebox ...