PreSonus FireStudio Project
PreSonus FireStudio Project

FireStudio Project, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus in the Firestudio series.

gluon 01/25/2011

PreSonus FireStudio Project : gluon's user review


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8 inputs, quality preamp.
A friend who had FIREPOD I had recommended. I do not regret it and appreciates the report of this carte.Je not looking for high-end, but something that could properly adapt to changing my setup.
I use it mostly at home with a D50, U220, and a Rhodes MarkII, more plugins. Under cubase (LE4 delivered with, or version 5), Reccord + Reason, studio one, it works nickel. On several occasions I have taken in concert with an old Toshiba laptop, and I have not encountered any problems.


Purchased in the USA, comes with the FaderPort I had déccrochages from the start. In fact, it was a power problem that now seems resolved at the national level, which for me has been settled through the importer. Earnings for the purchase has become zero by changing the PSU (120.00)!
The VAS Presonus is very reactive and will provide support by email.
Apart from the power supply, RAS.
Minimum expected latency: 13ms, and I can not do better but it's manageable.


Easy installation even for a novice like me.
Incompatibility of the PSU, I repeat, USA / France.
It is advisable to use a carteFW400 only, not combo FW / USB or FW800, with a preference for a Texas Instrument chipset.
The manual? Bof!


Past 3 years, my card works fine. I like the fish she brings to my old style, it colors slightly without distorting their sounds.
Value for money: pretty good considering what it offers.
I do not regret that choice.