RME Audio Fireface 800
RME Audio Fireface 800

Fireface 800, FireWire audio interface from RME Audio in the Fireface series.

theaudioandvideoguy 04/26/2012

RME Audio Fireface 800 : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« firewire is fast »

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The Fireface 800 is a very powerful firewire interface, one of the reasons I chose to use it is because it has the fast technology for a firewire interface. It has real time sample rate lock and sample rat control during playback and recording. Most interface don’t have all of those features either, they mainly have one or the other. Also, I used it on a windows computer for service pack 2 and it worked great because they created an upgrade which fixed some of the lagging and not syncing problems.


The FireFace 800 has eight line inputs and outputs which was just enough for what we needed to use it for at the time. We used 7 of them though which left one open for something maybe we wanted to add on later down the road but at the time we only needed 7.


Another great feature is the Steady clock technology. You can synch reference everything for the whole studio and session with it, I havent had another interface that could do that so it was big for me to be able to do that on this. It includes a midi option as well for those who use a lot of midi set ups.


There are other versions of the FireFace like the 400 mode which is a step down from the 800 if you are really arent in need of all the inputs and it can basically do the same thing as the Fireface 800 and its cheaper so check that one out if you don’t need this much inputs and outputs. Actually the 400 might be a better fit for a home studio that the 800 is because at home you really don’t have the need for that many ins and outs. But all in all the FireFace 800 is one of the best firewire interfaces out.