RME Audio Fireface 800
RME Audio Fireface 800

Fireface 800, FireWire audio interface from RME Audio in the Fireface series.

dweezil36 06/30/2013

RME Audio Fireface 800 : dweezil36's user review

«  Nothing to say this is good stuff »

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The characteristics that motivated my choice are quality preamps, stable drivers and possible extension with ADAT.

I use it with a mac book pro, and four additional amps Fireface Quadmic

I use it for recording (up to 12 tracks for the moment) and mix (routing the 10 tracks on a Soundcraft M12)


The drivers are stable, no problems in 2 years of intensive use. Nothing to say about updating drivers, RME clearly does not seem to be the kind of box that abandons its customers once the paid invoice.
I use Logic in macosx and it is stable nothing to say, that my not let go once during the same live recording of two continuous hours 12 tracks.

At the latency .... I usually drive directly through the internal mixer of the card feeder for returns, and a priori the latency is very close to 0. For routing through the DAW .... I do not know I do not use.


Easy installation, easy config general, damn good, and really complete.


I use it for 2 years, I test PreSonus interfaces (digimax 8 and Focusrite) and stability level, overall quality, and quality preamps Fireface than justifies the additional investment. With the experience I do it again this choice without hesitation.