RME Audio Fireface 800
RME Audio Fireface 800

Fireface 800, FireWire audio interface from RME Audio in the Fireface series.

fabamarie 05/29/2011

RME Audio Fireface 800 : fabamarie's user review

« simply, the quality »

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number of inputs and outputs, ADAT, quality preamps, stability


really stable, works like a real virtual table thanks to a TotalMix that bears his name, I'm working on iMac and I never had any problems

TotalMix at first glance a bit complicated but really great, reinjection, etc. ....

good preamp, very transparent and superb converters, beautiful bass definition


no paper manual, the French is in pdf format (remember to ask)


at first I thought I was over-equipped, all these inputs and outputs and everything went well filled up quickly because I opted to work in hardware, the convertos are waiting for you, TotalMix is super to configure its parameters and I run some knob in midi through BCN44 (notably the speaker volume)

headphone jack super hi-Z input, nice, really a pro product 

good, since I have convertos mytek, superb, but the Fireface does not fall shy