RME Audio Fireface 800
RME Audio Fireface 800

Fireface 800, FireWire audio interface from RME Audio in the Fireface series.

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nickx 09/04/2005

RME Audio Fireface 800 : nickx's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I bought the Fireface 800 for the purpose of recording instruments.
I was looking for:
- Enough for times between micro micro amps,
- From an instrument
- Line inputs in sufficient numbers ...
- Numriques inputs (optical if possible) to connect my multi-effects, and in the future other devices numriques
- Expandable in Firewire

Oh I forgot: I was looking for a builder who is also updating its drivers regularly, and offers support in France.

Here, well it's 100% done with the Fireface!

I turn my computer at a P4 3.2 Ghz, 2GB RAM, 236 GB HD 10000 t / min SATA. Config muscle for music only.
PS The motherboard is an ASUS P5AD2 Deluxe, I prcise because I read that Asus brought the problem to the Facilities audionumriques ... Not my case anyway!

Level instrument, I plug the bass from the instrument (I will discuss below), microphone + vocal microphones times on rhythm guitar amp pramps between line amp when you can not make :-) noise, and between optical SPDIF for multi-effect guitar solo (Korg AX3000G)
The electronic battery for now, I use the MIDI port.


Install without problem. Updating the driver on the RME website and presto it works.
The configuration is fairly simple, the manual is very helpful on this point. Arbiter sent me a French version which brings even more when :-) especially the config TotalMix.


No crash so far, drivers are trs stable set day once (latest version) and the firmware.
I use XP with Service Pack 2 (no choice) and I have not had any problems with Firewire. I still apply the procedure for Microsoft to update the parameter in the registry (to put S400/S800 S100 instead of default).
I use Cubase SL3 and I have no problems.
The latency is inaudible, I forget to use TotalMix and direct monitoring in cubase so with the passage time tural effects does not affect me ...
I have yet to test the recording of more than 3 tracks. I will return to days later.

The use of TotalMix is ​​still really easy and convenient, especially with the graphic that allows a few clicks to configure the routing I / O freely. Each input can be sent to any output, or even all, all a few clicks. Also you can then flash the memory of the Fireface to keep the stand alone configuration!


I've had two weeks

What I like:
- The instrument input: no sound is frankly incredible. I enable the formulation of HP (but even without it very well) and the sound is perfectly respected and even promoted. I even found him a lamp its type amp (Fender) on which I played before. Always it is that direct recording gives excellent results. The gain is adjustable in faade.
- The pre-amps are excellent bill, and adjusted the level by potentiometers on the faade (handy)
- The phantom power can be active on each by clicking between micro,
- Headphone output with level rglage the faade (ca both practice)
- TotalMix: super simple and extremely powerful
- Matrial of quality!

What I dislike:
- The overdrive on the instrument between ... gadget ... same for the LIM (but I have not yet fully understand the usefulness!)
- Uh ... The price!

I wanted to beginners FIREPOD (presonus) but did not of optical and one coax between numrique .. But mostly they taient out of stock, I have been spirited to the Fireface. After ngo (bought 1200 euros), I consider it a great product. To say that the report is good qualitprix I would need more references. J'hsitais also with the MOTU traveler, but the important thing is that I do not regret my purchase, on the contrary, I have a powerful and reliable tool trs hands

I would do such a choice without any hsitation!