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Thread New Focusrite 4 pre

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1 New Focusrite 4 pre
I'm a RME Babyface Pro user and just purchased a brand new Clarett Focusrite 4 Pre with thunderbolt connection.
I'm recording with a stereo pair of AKG 414 microphones and even when I turn the gain on the Clarett up to almost the highest level on the front panel I'm getting a top peak level of only 5db in Logic Pro.

This definitely contrast sharply with my "usual" setup where I've been recording with the RME Babyface Pro and two Neumann KM 184 stereo pair.

What am I doing incorrectly?
Or is it just inherent in the AKG 414 microphones to have a lower level?
Something I'm not understanding about the sound card?

Thank you all in advance.dateposted-public
Hi Jonathan,

There's nothing that you are doing incorrectly here. The reason this is happening is due to the gain range difference between the two interfaces. The Clarett has a gain range of 57dB (https://global.focusrite.com/thunderbolt-audio-interfaces/clarett-4pre) and the Babyface Pro has a gain range of 76 dB (https://www.rme-audio.de/en/products/babyface_pro.php)

Best regards,

Alex Bull // Focusrite Technical Support

Here is another question which I posted elsewhere. If you can answer it I will be really grateful. =


I've been recording for about one year with this soundcard.
Equipment :
Stereo Pair - Neumann KM 184 (fantom power provided by card)
Stereo Pair - AKG 414S (fantom power provided by card)

MacBook PRO 12 inch running Mac OS High Sierra
Logic Pro X latest version

Of course the thunderbolt connection has to go through an adaptor to use the newest USB C ports on my new Mac Book Pro.

Well first day of recording as usual smooth.

We started the second day's session two days later.

When I replugged in the microphones (I had left the cables in place) and the thunderbolt and other connections I had cracking or hum on lines 3 and 4 (the KM 184s).

I unplugged the mics, turned off the fantom power and even the soundcard. All seemed OK. But then not while the music was being recorded (at least not audible) the cracking and hum came back at the end of the piece in the fading sound. Not all the time but sometimes, unpredictable and in only channels 3 and 4 (I repeat the Neumann mics).

I did get a "no hardware connected" message when I fired up and then realized I had not pushed the Thunderbolt connection in as far as I needed to in the Mac.
Afterwards yes.

So any brilliant ideas?
Mine are :
1 - Maybe the cables were damaged in between the two sessions
2 - I should have rebooted all after plugging the thunderbolt cable in correctly
3 - I overloaded the RAM by preparing about 40 tracks instead of recording just 4 at a time and then adding as needed.

I've googled this and updated my driver (Focusrite Control) although not sure it was necessary and I might have had the most up to date one already. I have NOT yet installed the latest fix to High Sierra.

Thanks to all for any suggestions or help, it is making me CRAZY!!!