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Thread Limits and compatability of using a 1st gen Scarlett 18i20 with a 2nd gen 18i20?

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1 Limits and compatability of using a 1st gen Scarlett 18i20 with a 2nd gen 18i20?
I have a 1st gen 18i20 and was thinking about getting an additional one. Now that the 2nd gen 18i20 is out, I am excited about the new lower latency and using the iOS apps!

I have questions for anyone with experience using both 1st and 2nd gen together:
I plan on putting my 1st gen into standalone mode and connect it via ADAT IN and OUT to the 2nd gen that will be connected via USB to DAW computer. I want to know what all is compatible or not, and are there any limitations?


1.) Latency - Will the new low latency of the 2nd gen carry over to the 1st gen? Will the 1st gen bring down the latency of the 2nd gen? Or will the latency be different between them?

2.) Focusrite Control - Will the Focusrite Control software be able to control both 2nd AND 1st gen Scarletts for creating monitor mixes for all 16 analog outputs, and have 8 stereo monitor mixes?

3.) iOS apps - Will the iOS apps be able to also control the 2nd gen as well as the 1st gen, or only the 2nd gen?

Maybe a Focusrite pro will know the answers :)

Thanks for reading
Well, I ended up buying a Clarett 8pre and tried connecting the 18i20 (in stand alone) to the Clarett via ADAT. I had clicking and popping issues that you can read about in their other thread (linked below), but I ended up with a working solution.


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I have exactly the same 3 questions...! Lol

1: first of all when connecting two machines...
They need to be synchronized. One is master.. Second is slave
So in a way they are never stand alone if you use more than one machine.

2: you can't control both by the focusrite software.
That will say : you will be able to control 8 additional inputs like an octo pre by the adat ports. If stand alone 18i20 I would say you have to route your analog ports to adat ( so you can only use 8 of the 18) so that the The first machine sees a signal on adat.

Or make a pre mix and route that to adat.

3: the app
I guess that is a gen2 thing and the first generation will not be able to listen to the app.

Myself use a 18i20 with an octo pre dynamic.
Giving me 16 analog inputs ( 8 are controlled by adat) and 16+ analog outputs or 8 stereo)

So my answers are based on what I think the machines and software are expecting.
If you what 8 additional inputs /outputs I recommend an 8 channel dac/adc with adat inputs and outputs.
( the dac will be slave and can be controlled by the focusrite software - routed and premixed)

In my opinion it is rediculous to use a complete 18i20 as dac for just 8 extra channels.

But again..

I hope the fine gentlemen of focusrite can give you more insight in this matter...and I hope you will find the answers to your questions.

- Angelie

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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